Hemp Extract FAQ

Hemp Extract refers to cannabidiol instead of hemp seed oil. It is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant. Hemp Extract oil nourishes the endocannibinoid by binding to the cannabidiol receptors in the body. 
We use Charlotte's Web Hemp Extracts because we believe in providing the best quality to our customers. Charlotte's Web is a cannabis sativa, which is a cross between low THC marijuana and hemp.
Yes, hemp extract is safe to ingest. The most effective method is sublingual, under the tongue. Hold under the tongue for 30 seconds or more, then swallow. The longer you hold it under the tongue, the better.
The recommended dosage is labeled on the back of each bottle. Most common is a full dropper. Work up to this amount if you are a first time user.
Hemp Extract or  phytocannabinoids is the medicinal component extracted from the whole plant, Cannabis. Hemp is a sister plant. Its seeds are rich in Omega oils and great for general health.
Yes, Hemp Extract is legal in all 50 states.
Yes! The legal limit is .3% THC. This is the legal amount the federal government said is okay and non-detectable. If you use the recommended dosage you will be in the legal parameter. If you use over the recommended dosage, you run the risk of being over the legal limit. If you still have concerns, we offer Hemp Extract isolate, which is THC free.
CO2 and ethanol extracting are the most common methods. CO2 being the purest method. Our products are all CO2 extracted, and third party tested to ensure the quality and strength of each batch of Hemp Extract oil.
When ingesting the oil, sublingual is the best way. Some of our products are based in coconut oil so they are safe to put directly on the skin externally to relieve minor abrasions.